Monday, July 9, 2012

People and Technology Supporting Students

Quite often we hear about a new electronic device that's going to change the way teachers engage their students. But the question that always seems to arise is how to use this new technology effectively. Here at the community college we are confronted with a wide variety of learning styles and life experiences making it difficult for the institution to meet the needs of its students. One college approach is to offer free tutoring services through the LAP (Learning Assistance Program). The LAP will soon go through some changes to improve the way it functions to support our students. One new approach involves the use of a smartpen. In this interview we talk about how we are using this technology to create an immersive learning experience with pdf files. Because words alone cannot fully describe the experience, you can download one of the documents using the URL below and see for yourself. To view this document with its integrated smartpen technology, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.1 or above installed on your computer. Enjoy.

Sample Smartpen Livescribe Document

Sample Smartpen Livescribe Text

Entire Interview Audio(wma)
Entire Interview Audio(mp3)

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