Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Worksheets with Embedded QR Codes

On occasion we as instructors create worksheets to give to our students so they can practice learning objectives we recently covered in our classrooms. In some cases as students’ progress through the problems, they get stuck at a particular step preventing them from reaching the solution. It is very likely that the particular skill that prevents them from moving forward was a skill covered in a previous lecture or from a prerequisite math course. Using QR Codes and leveraging existing smart phone technology, we can provide the student with immediate access to content directly related to the necessary skill. This somewhat emulates the learning environments we as teachers try to create in our traditional classroom lectures. In this KSBR radio show interview, we discuss the advantages of using QR codes in the education arena.

Sample Worksheets with Embedded QR Codes

Entire Interview Audio(wma)
Entire Interview Audio(mp3)

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